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Dressed to the Nines

From the Regency Beauty Institute Student Handbook:

“…Students must come to school dressed in a professional manner…”

the following must be worn at all times during school hours:

  • Solid black Apron *
  • Solid Black trousers or dress pants, knee length or longer skirts, or black dress;
  • Solid, print, or patterned shirts or sweaters in white, black or grey
  • Solid black shoes, dress boots, or open backed shoes

What that boils down to is that Regency Beauty Institute has a pretty awesome dress code :

Black closed toe shoes – Black pants – Black, Grey or White on top.

Jewelry, scarves, headbands, and other accessories can be in any color.

sounds easy enough right?  well, i thought so too – BUT,  now that i’m limited i’m finding all kinds of awesome COLORED tops to wear…lol. but that’s another story.  I also keep finding really freakin cute sleeveless shirts – which are prohibited – but again, that’s another story.

I have a lot of black  and white shirts – a LOT – so my husband didn’t understand the need for me to have more…HA!  Let’s just say he’s not a fashionista.  He also doesn’t understand the fact that i’m going to be working with chemicals…which is why i prefer not to wear white.

Plus, i want to look at leas SEMI professional – so that requires an upgrade (at least a little bit) to the wardrobe i currently have.

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, after all – it is nearly christmas and i am on a tight budget – so i headed to Burlington Coat Factory where i scored three grey sweaters, two black sweaters, and two black pairs of comfy dress slacks for about $40.00 – YAY ME.

now shoes – the only black shoes i have are peep toe pumps, which are NOT closed toe, no matter how you squint your eyes, and a pair of black sneakers that i wore during the haunt, and one pair of black boots.

looks like those boots will be getting a starring role in my wardrobe from now on.  Luckily  – i like them, so its all good.  I’m heading out with V., one of my girlfriends, for some shoe shopping later…hopefully i’ll score a good deal on some flats or something.

* this is the only thing that saddens me b/c i have a pretty awesome pink bowed – skull & crossbone print apron that i want to wear realllly bad.

Now, once I make Student Designer, and then Master Designer, I’ll be allowed to wear whatever professional dress i want – as long as i have my name tag on – this makes me happy too.

that’s enough for today.  I’ll be back later to talk some more about the rules of the school