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SALON FAIR! Photo Heavy!

SO super duper sorry i kept you all waiting!!! It’s been hella busy at school/work/home the last 4 weeks!

So, without any further hesitation – I give you SALON FAIR Spring 2010 Photos!

(btw – I placed 3d! YAY ME!)

Pretty Maids, All in a Row

All Five Contestants

Me & Becca
Me & My Model, Becca!

Becca Close Up

Back of Becca's Hair

Getting Ready!

Pretty Pretty!

Trying to Hurry

Super Sexxxy Christina

Detail Oriented Hair!

Look at those braids & Twisties!

we had several area salon reps visit our campus, along with a Redken Rep, to view and judge our entries ūüôā We got to mingle & network afterwards and several of the soon-to-graduate students made some really good contacts. Those of us that are part-time and will be there for a while were able to get a feel for what Salon Fair is all about, so that this fall when we have our next one, we will really rock it out!

Next Post – (it is in progress as you are reading this i swear!) Newsletter Drama, Master Prizes, and more!

Yes, Master!

I know its been two weeks since I’ve written, but I’ve been SWAMPED. ¬†and guess what – I did it! ¬†I made Master Student Designer! ¬†Holy cow!

The goals were rough – for part time students it is $500 in services, $90 (18%) in retail, 90% or above attendances, 100% service time, 60% or better Request Guests, etc… but holy crap! ¬†I made it!

I managed to somehowmake sure that my chair ALWAYS had someone in it! ¬†During the month of April, there were two days when I did not have appointments on my books. ¬†TWO! ¬†One of those I had to reschedule someone due to an emergency and the other was the day that I left early because I wasn’t feeling well.

BIGGEST PIECE OF ADVICE: start booking now. ¬†even if you aren’t on the floor. ¬†get a calendar and plan ahead! ¬†Tell everyone when you’ll be heading out onto the floor and start booking it now!

Trust me, you’d much rather be performing real services than working on a mannequin head every day!

I was so nervous last Thursday which was the cut off day because I was still feeling far away from my goal – $46 in services and $32 in retail to go…ARGH! ¬†That number seems huge when a haircut & style is only $12!! ¬†AND, I had someone scheduled to come in for a re-color since part of her color didn’t take the week before, so i just KNEW i had to wrap it up either before she got there, or after. ¬†Then, she called me. ¬†Rebecca stated that while she was getting the re-color, she also wanted a new cut & style ($12) and highlights/lowligts ($50) added in to it AND she was bringing her daughter in for a mani/pedi ($26)! whoooo hoooo – I love Rebecca! ¬†She’s so super duper awesome & I’m glad she’s my friend!

When they got there, i had to pass the manicure/pedicure off to another student because there was no way I was going to have time to do it. ¬†I only had 4 hours (and yes, i’m still slow as christmas) and we had to do her base color, which was going to take a little less than an hour. ¬†Then, we needed to do the cut (which was so perfect for her) which took another 30-45 minutes. ¬†Now, the highlights/lowlights were actually a little complicated because of the chunking we were trying to achieve and that took another 1 1/2 hours. ¬†Then her daughter asked her to buy the polish from her toes & nails being polished since she didn’t actually get a mani/pedi – she just got a polish change because the poor thing didn’t know there was a difference…. ($17 retail). ¬†Rebecca and I started talking about styling products that she was going to need versus what she had at home. ¬†He style was a real piecey-choppy look that needed lots of definition.

so i recommended the Redken Water Wax for her hair because to me, it isn’t as sticky as some of the others and the Polishing Milk to tame her flyaways. ¬†She agreed ($28 retail) and she was really trying to help me out, so she put me over the top on my retail!

I can’t tell you how happy and excited I was! ¬†The whole month I just kept saying – “It’s Done”. ¬†“It’s SO done”. ¬†I almost quit. ¬†I almost gave up because it just seemed SO DARN HARD that last two weeks. ¬†I was half-way there on the 15th of the month. ¬†i didn’t think i’d EVER get there. ¬†Then Ms. Vera, our campus manager, invited me in to her office to give me a heads up on my numbers and where I stood. ¬†She said she knew it was already done and that she had no doubts that i’d do it.

I had to step it up and finish!  I had so many other students & staff rooting for me, (and heaven knows i had talked so much smack about how i was going to be their first Master Designer) i had to!

I am the FIRST Master Student Designer at the campus, The FIRST Part Time Student, and the FIRST to do it in the first month of being on the Performance Floor! ¬†I have set the Standard! ¬†I’m very proud of myself.

That was a rough month!  I stayed busy!  While everyone else was getting to laugh and joke and take breaks on time РI was working with my clients.  When everyone else was getting to leave on time, I was staying over to finish up styles or clean my station.  While everyone else was getting to school between 5:15 & 5:30 and then setting up their stations, i was there early, getting my station ready, so that at 5:15 I could start my clients.  It was fun, rewarding and a ton of fun!  I have begun building a great clientele made up of my friends, co-workers, and the best Рreferrals!  LOVE IT!

I’m sure you want to know what I get for making Master – PRIZES!!! ¬†lol. ¬†I get a T-shirt, a certificate, 3 hours of pampering, a makeup kit, and I get to choose an awesome prize- the choices include a new Andis Pro Clipper, a pair of Rainbow Titanium Shears, A Hot Tools Set which includes a blow dryer & a marcel iron, or a 30 pc (i think) ¬†brush set. ¬†Oh, AND you get a special name tag, and I’ m all about being special…lol. ¬† I want the Shears. they are super pretty. ¬†I think the Andis clipper is probably more valuable – but i like the clippers I have right now, and not too many men are coming through those doors – besides, I can always get them next time ūüėČ

I’ll take pictures of all my swag as soon as I get it!

So my plan is to use May to catch up on my State Board works since I had zero school time to practice since i had so many clients (YAY) and then make master again in June so I can qualify for the trip to the hair show in September. ¬†Yes, Regency will pay for my travel, hotel & tickets in to the hair show, just for qualifying as a Master Designer in June or July! ¬†So I’m claiming it now – I’m DONE! ¬†then, after the show in September (which will be in Minnesota) I’ll come back in qualify again in December or January for the BIG show in March which is in Chicago – the ABS! ¬†oh yes, it is SO done! ¬†THEN, I’ll come back from ABS and Graduate! ¬†YAY!

My next post is on Salon Faire – and I promise, there will be LOTS of Pictures!


I’ve been on the floor for a little over a week now and I am T-I-R-E-D!!!.

SHEESH! ¬†lol. ¬†I’ve had clients every night – some scheduled, some walk-ins, all amazing. ¬†I’ve been busy busy busy and let me tell you – SPEED is important.

It took me an almost an entire class period (630-915) to do a manicure, pedicure and cut. – she was supposed to get color too but we just didn’t have time. ¬†We had to reschedule her for another day. ¬†But, doesn’t her cut look CUTE?



My averages are looking good though. ¬†If I really start hustling, i may make student designer this month! ¬†Heck yeah buddy! ¬†Thanks to a little help from my friends, of course ūüôā


Flirty Layers

In other news, on Saturday we had our very first “Rehearsal” Class. ¬†We were supposed to be learning about weaves, tracks, extensions, and wig making – but, we didn’t have any hair so Ms. Isabell couldn’t show us. ¬†She did promise to show us next Saturday. ¬†Oh, and we finally got to crack open our Workbooks that we got in our kits forever ago. ¬†So, we spent the first 3 1/2 hours of Saturday working in our workbooks and discussing the reason people wear wigs/extensions like cancer, alopecia, balding, thinning hair, fashion, etc.

That afternoon – I was able to buy my lunch by using the tips I had made throughout the week – so that was cool…lol. ¬†I just keep my tip money in my apron, that way come Saturday, I don’t have to run to the bank!

After lunch we got to perform student services on each other, so I let Jessika cut my hair. ¬†off. ¬†a lot. lol. ¬†Ms. Isabell showed her a way to comb the hair back in order to do a swing bob and it came out pretty amazing. ¬† I plan on eventually going back brown, but right now, i’m kinda enjoying being natural-ish.

My new Bob

In other news, Student Council has finally gotten kicked off. ¬†We had our first official meeting last week to discuss the Newsletter (ours is called “Snips & {Tips}” – first issue went out on the first!) and fundraising ideas. ¬†We are kicking off Penny Wars next week and I was lucky enough to be able to get a trophy donated to us so the winning class can display it! ¬†It’ll be Workshop v. Rehearsal and I’m super excited about it!

So that’s what I’ve been up to ūüôā ¬†Hope you’re loving it too!

I’ve Got You, Under My Skin…

So this week is wrapping up the “Skin” section of our Workshop experience. ¬†Wednesday (tomorrow – YIKES) I perform my skin & nails practical, which will basically consist of a facial & a manicure on a live model. ¬†My friend Darling Nikki will be subjected to this grueling torture :roll eyes here:. ¬†Thursday I will take the written portion of the Skin & Nails chapters… and then… on Saturday…


After I pass that (which, come on, we all know I will…now, only if i could convince my brain to work) I will have my “Intro” to the Performance Floor. ¬†YAY! ¬†I’m super duper excited/nervous/scared/hopeful!

Ok, let me backtrack and fill you all in. ¬†So during the Skin portion, you learn about the facials, prepping the room for facials, performing facials, and thanks to my wackadoo skin, what to do in case of an allergic reaction. ¬†Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. ¬†Evidently BioElements Clay Masque hates my face. ¬†it made me sad. ¬†No I didn’t take pictures of it. BUT, I did take pictures of ¬† some of the other students and with a little help from Ms. Samantha, we scored these awesome shots of Brittney sporting the headband used by guests prior to receiving a facial :

Brittney is SO Pimp Right Now…

And here is Brittney giving me a facial about 10 seconds before we decided it really needed to come off. ¬†It was ¬†“most relaxing” 3 minutes ever, i swear…lol… until it started to burn.

Don’t I look Relaxed?

This stupid masque left my face SO red, it looked like i had a sunburn!

Mr. Maurice

And this is our instructor, we were having a deep conversation about salons in Las Vegas / Hollywood during break, which is why Samantha was able to get the shot – See how attentive i look? lol.

Another perk of the Skin chapter is MAKEUP!  Though I do have to say the way the book says to put on makeup is a bit out of whack Рfor example, it suggests putting eyeliner on BEFORE eyeshadow, which may make sense to someone, but not to me at all.  However, I have gotten to bring my giant makeup kit & do makeup on almost all of the students Рsee below for some examples:

It’s ME!

There are more, I just haven’t uploaded them yet.

This is starting to feel kind of long, but I haven’t finished yet! ¬†Just hang in there! ¬†On Monday, (Yesterday) I took a little side trip to my local¬†Armstrong & McCall’s store for a color class by CHI¬ģ


Our Demonstrator was Ms. Ashley Wood & she showed us quite a few new products from Farouk/CHI like their Seven Natural Wonders of Oils –¬†and I’m TRYING to find a link to them but they are super new¬†¬†Here they are . ¬†Anywho, she gave us a quick run down of what each was & what it is used for. ¬†Then she showed us some new highlighting/foiling techniques using triangular, crescent, and V shaped sections instead of the traditional square/rectangle sectionings. ¬†I was pleased overall. ¬†She showed us their new line of INFRA Highlight colors, both the semi-permanent and the demi-permanent. ¬†And we got a nifty goodie bag that had some samples & magazine, and most importantly, a CHI color chart – YAY!

The next time I’ll have a chance to update will be this weekend which will be after i am officially ON THE PERFORMANCE FLOOR and into REHEARSAL!

It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin…

yes, the title is from Silence of the Lambs, but that’s the quote that popped into my mind when i started to write this so, there you have it.

Well – I passed my Chemical Texturizing test with a 100 – YAY me ūüôā ¬†also made a 10/10 on my practical – YAY ME Again! All of this was to the chagrin of my instructor. ¬†I think it irritates him how quickly i test. ¬†Oh well. ¬†In my mind, either you know it or you don’t. ¬†staring at the paper won’t change the answers. ¬†Luckily, I know it, so I’m able to test quickly. ¬†He actually told us that 90% of people who rush to finish first actually fail their exams. ¬†HAHA guess I’m in that 10 percent that actually knows what I’m doing and is able to answer quickly & correctly. ¬†It took me less than 3 minutes to complete the 30 question, multiple choice test.

Coming up – SKIN & NAILS (hence the lotion thing).

Next week we’re going to be starting on our Skin & Nails chapters. ¬†I’m not sure which one is first, but either way I’m SO happy to be getting away from the chemicals.

We’re going to be learning about facials and pedicures and waxing and manicures… whoooo hoooo!

Also, I know i said it was going to be 5 or 6 weeks before I was on the floor, but i think its actually less than that!?!  wow, time is just flying by!

I’m a little upset because they aren’t letting the part-time students take clients on Saturdays right now. ¬†They are having the students that are on the floor take Theory classes instead. ¬†The day time students aren’t coming on Saturdays right now either. ¬†Supposedly its only temporary, but all of the instructors are saying they aren’t sure now… ¬†It was supposed to be a 6 weeks thing, but even though there are only 2 more weeks of that six weeks, they keep saying its going to last another 6 weeks. ¬†It kind of sucks for us, because since we’re about to go out on the floor – it means that we can only take client M-Thurs from 5:30-9…which means our first real client would be at 6pm and the last client we can take is at 8 b/c we have to be done by 9…which as a new student is tough. ¬†Not to mention it is limiting the amount of sales/services we can do towards our STAR Rewards…. but I’m sure its all going to come out in the wash so to speak.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I don’t know many people willing to come out at 8pm to get their hair done during the week… ¬†That’s only really giving us 2 1/2-3 hours a night to work on clients, minus whatever time we have to spend in the classroom too…that’s less than 10 hours a week to actually work on clients.

Yesterday, I personally had to turn away 5 services because there were no students there that could perform them…not to mention the countless people that called. ¬†Last Saturday they turned away about 30 from what I understand… argh…

On the brighter side of things – they have hired another instructor, so we’re really excited that they are really striving to get a full staff.

the kinks and quirks are working out… slowly… ¬†I’ll be happy when they get a performance floor manager and we can get on with starting out Student Council! ¬†I keep reading all these great things other campuses are doing that we can’t participate in yet…. ¬†but, i was told they are trying to have someone by the beginning of March and that we were to give them a month to settle in and then we could start our student council… YAY.. so hopefully by April we’ll be able to do it.

Just Because There Are Waves, Doesn’t Mean We’re At The Ocean.

Well, after a week of roller sets, we moved on to pin curls, however, My mannekin was possessed and decided to mat up on me so bad during a shampoo that I spent almost a whole class period trying to get it out of her hair! ¬†Poor Kimmie! ¬†But, all is not lost because we moved on to finger waves. ¬†Since Kimmie was being mean and not wanting to cooperate, I pulled out Bradley again – haha – he is well on his way to becoming a drag queen! ¬†Fingerwaves were taught to us by four different people and everyone has their own “trick” to it… luckily, we can choose whatever is easiest for us ūüôā

Quite frankly, until you “get it” finger waves SUCK. ¬†I will tell you to do LOTS of finger exercises…lol. ¬†Your fingers are now your most important tool, so they need to exercise more than the rest of us really think. ¬†With finger waves, you slide, pinch, comb, smooth and lock. ¬†When done correctly finger waves are beautiful, classic, stylish and fun – think Renee Zelweger in¬†Chicago. ¬†when in correctly done – its a hot mess!

Read the fine print...

Fingerwaves can be as dramatic as you want them to be – the deeper the ridges, the deeper the style – the softer the ridges, the softer the style…

Here are our takes on it:

Brad's finger wave

Look at those ridges!

Newbies tearing it up! They are so awesome!

She's so proud of her work!

Overall, I’d say we did an ok job! ¬†The next day we moved on to wraps. ¬†And, since I had tortured Brad relentlessly for the last few days, i decided to give Kimmie another shot…Now, there were only 4 of us in class because we had absolutely HORRIBLE weather – a whole 3 inches of snow! ¬†To some of you that’s not much, but here in Louisiana you’d thing the world was ending!

So I did what anyone would do – I made a snowman. ¬†I had to put him in the freezer so he wouldn’t die.

Louisiana Snow Man

Then I went back inside and we began our wraps –

Roller Wrap Front

this is called a “roller wrap” because it has four rollers on top, and the rest of the hair is wrapped around the head. ¬†You section off the four sections for the rollers first – then wrap the hair – then roll the rollers. ¬†pretty awesome and super easy. ¬†This gives the hair lots of body when the hair is unwrapped and styled.

Roller Wrap Top

Roller Wrap Back

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! ¬†We tested out on our classic hairstyling and trichology B and I have to say I believe most of us passed. ¬†I was kind of upset because I realized i got one of my questions wrong as soon as i handed over my test, but alas, it was too late…lol. ¬†I still made A’s on both of my tests and my practical – GO ME! ¬†I’m rocking out with a 96 or a 98 grade average and a 99.96 attendance average….whooo hooo Master Stylist is going to be MINE!

Now we’re into perms and relaxers – actually, we’re over 1/2 way through with it. ¬†I’m trying to get more photos – we test out on Saturday, so I’ll try to have it up by then. ¬†ūüôā ¬†so excited! ¬†5 OR 6 more weeks til i get to get out on the performance floor and enter rehearsal! ¬†whooo hooooo. ¬†Skin and Nails and Chemistry are the only sections we have left in work shop! ¬†YAY!