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Take Me On The Floor

YAY!  I DID IT!!  I passed my workshop final with a 97!  WHOOO HOOOO!

So, what does this mean, you may be wondering….

I’m now into Rehearsal / Performance floor rotation.  What this means is that I now have the ability to take REAL clients on the performance floor instead of working solely on my mannekin!  YAY.  I’m able to take clients Monday through Thursday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, and I’ll have my Rehearsal classroom time from 8:30-5 on Saturdays.  I’m SO ok with that, because that means I’m officially getting to track out STAR Rewards!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYA

I’m just a little bit excited, can you tell?

As soon as I posted I had passed and was in the computer, my bestest friend Ali called up to Regency & book my first official appointment.  It was awesome that I had a booking within 5 minutes of being in the computer 🙂

Monday was my first “official” day “on the floor” as we like to call it – haha.  Ali’s boyfriend Craig came in as a walk-in and let me give him a new do.  He liked it & Ali was very happy with it too, so it made me super happy!

During downtime, when we don’t have clients, we do mannekin work.  So, I’ve been knocking out a lot of blocks on my project sheet too – kind of like, work-at-you-own-pace as long as you stay busy.  I’m LOVING this!

Yesterday, we had a family of walk-ins.  A man & wife and their two boys, ages 2 & 5.  Lucky me, the computer randomly selected me to do the man’s haircut and the other two girls got the kids.

When we have walk-ins, there isn’t a “rotation” so to speak.  The computer generates who will be the lucky stylist to get the client based on availability.

The man’s wife said his haircut was the best haircut he’s gotten since they’ve been coming to Regency AND they tipped each of us, which is always a good thing.

Tonight, one of the ladies that works in my building is going to keep me hopping.  She just called and scheduled herself a full night of pampering with me – manicure, pedicure, cut, color & two-tone highlights.  FUN FUN FUN!

I’m excited about doing her hair because she & all of the girls in her office go to the same stylist, so if I can win her over, they will all start coming to me! YAY for building client base!

I know there aren’t any pictures in this post, but i’ve been super duper busy & haven’t had a chance to actually take any.  I AM going to take some of my client tonight for before/after so look for that in the next installment.

Tomorrow I have Ali coming in (my first official pre-booked appointment) for a cut & style, so I’ll take some shots of her too!

OH!  AND tomorrow is the first Student Council meeting.  How fun is that?  I get to unveil our newsletter and talk about our fundraising ideas 🙂  I’ll update you all ASAP!

If you’re a hairstylist – let me know what you felt when you had your first big appointment!  I’m curious to see if the nervousness/excitement I feel is normal…lol.

And we all float on all right…

Another week down at Regency Beauty Institute.  Well – we STILL don’t have an instructor – but we did have a substitute last Tuesday who may or may not be our new instructor… so, we’re still in limbo.  We only got to talk to her for a minute because she was helping Ms. Vera do the inventory that was due,and left us to work on worksheets and practicals…  the kinks are being worked out…

What this ultimately means is that our CM and the day shift instructors have been rotating to make sure we are covered in the evenings and that we have done a LOT of review for our Hair Color exam next week.  Saturday we did a TON of practical work… my my my… I tell ya, if we don’t all pass this next test – there are some problems!

That is all we have done for the last week, continuously review the hair color chapter – if it isn’t embedded in our brains by now, heaven help us!    On Saturday, we got to practice our color application for retouches and for blonde process – then we washed & styled after each, which was good because we used cholesterol colored with Tempra Paint so we could see what we were doing… Saturday was a day for wracking up practical credits, let me tell you!

pretty highlights & flips

pretty highlights & flips

from the front - not too shabby!

Then we got to practice our technique for all over color.  On the bright side, I got to color my Kimmie’s hair – I choose the Redken 5VR which turned her medium brown hair with blonde highlights into a dark brown with violet undertones and violet highlights – TOO CUTE!

Purple & Brown

Corkscrews with a flat iron!!

Stained her scalp purple!

then i proceeded to curl her hair using a straight iron!  Look at those corkscrews!!!  lovely!

i’m starting to worry about the “older” students in our class because they get to test-out on to the performance floor this coming Saturday, but there isn’t an evening Rehearsal / Performance instructor yet – and there’s not one for Workshop yet either – so now instead of having to find one instructor, they are trying to find two!!  wow!

New campus, new problems – they are working out the kinks.   i’m bearing with them because i really like this campus, but i’m starting to get frustrated.  I’m hoping we’ll be learning something new tonight.  Since all we did last week was go over everything we learned the week before, i’m wondering what we’ll be doing these next two nights until our test on Wednesday…. argh…

Well, tonight we did more color.  I did a double process blonde highlight application – and toned her down with Redken’s Shades EQ in Silver Frost – trying to achieve a silver highlight on top of brown hair, well, it came out grey, but not really silver.  And I must say, my highlight application is coming along quite nicely – sorry i didn’t get pics of that…

We reviewed some more for our test – go figure – lol… tomorrow I think we’re making our color wheel that we were supposed to make two weeks ago and never did… hmmmm… oh well.  And then we’ll probably review some more for our test…

Wednesday night we are having our practical exam on our mannekins – if i’m not mistaken we have to do a color re-touch and a double process blonde virgin application – whoo hooo!

Thursday we’ll be taking our written exam and then Saturday, our “older” students test out of workshop and into Rehearsal / Performance floor!  yipeee!! I know they are super excited to get going!


(Editor’s Note – I apologize for the delay on this blog.  I’ve been having issues with the photos uploading and for some reason WordPress keeps crashing – but all is fixed now 🙂  YAY)

OH EMMM GEEE  – I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I passed all of my tests and my practicals in hair cutting so i DO get to advance – whoooo hooo!  Not only did I pass – i blew those freaking tests out of the water!  I love Regency Beauty Institute!!

OK, let me back up a little.  Last week was mostly review for our test.  Saturday, we had to “test out” of hair cutting.  That means we had to do our Practical Exam where we actually went through the entire process of the cut.  Our cut for our Practical was the Solid Form.  Luckily, my friend Ali has no fear and volunteered to be my model for the test.  Everyone was responsible for bringing their own models.  AND, our models must have loved us because they had to be there at 8:30 on a Saturday morning!

The first part of our test was our practical exam.  We had to greet our clients, bring them to the back, drape them for a shampoo, escort them to the shampoo bowl, shampoo 3x & condition 1x – cover their hair with a towel, sanitize our shampoo station, then escort them to the chair, comb out the hair, section and perform the cut.  We were being watched almost the whole time.  When we were done with the cut, we were to sweep and sanitize our station quickly (this is very important – there should NEVER be ANY remnants of the hair you’ve cut by the time your client leave the chair) and have the instructor check our cuts (yay me – almost perfect – only one point in the cut!!)  Ali had a lot of layers, so I didn’t cut any of the shorter ones, only the ones that reached our initial guide line for the solid form.

Then, we had to blow dry and thermal style the hair.  ::WHEW::  Ali has a lot of hair – but it felt SO NATURAL to be behind the chair.

Once that was finished, we escorted our guests to the door.  I went a little further and started telling her about the Rewards program that Regency has – that way when I’m actually out on the floor, I’ll be in the habit of doing it.  🙂

Ali left and it was time for us to get ready for our written test.

I had made flash cards the night before so my husband could help me study.  When we were in review mode during class last week, our instructor gave us what topics to study and the pages they were on.  There were NO SURPRISES on this test.  For that, I was truly grateful.  So, after my practical exam, I offered up my flash cards to the other girls in the class so they could do some crash studying before we went to lunch.

We broke for lunch and most of us walked down to Albasha – this amazing greek restaurant around the corner – and got our grub on.  It was SO good.

Then when we were finished, we went back in the classroom to wait for our written exam – dun Dun DUN – we studied the flash cards a little more and then it was time to take our test.  Imagine our surprise when we learned it was THREE separate tests instead of just one test!  There was a test on hair cutting, a test on trichology, and a test on thermal styling.

We finished our tests and waited for our grades – I scored a 100 on trichology, a 96 on haircutting, and a 102 on thermal styling!  SWEET!!  The only question I missed on haircutting (there were 25 questions) was about which grip controls the still blade on your shears – the answer is the finger grip, but i absentmindedly put thumb grip.  i knew it as soon as I turned it in and could have kicked myself!

Once everyone turned their tests in, we were told we could do what we wanted to each other (mani-pedis, cuts, shampoos, waxes, etc.) so one of my classmates asked me to cut her hair.  YAY!  I started getting ready to shampoo my classmate’s hair when all of a sudden – here comes one of the instructors, she tells us to come back to the class real quick because she had given us the wrong trichology exam.  WHAT?!?

Evidently, they split trichology into two parts – Trichology A and Trichology B – (how very original) and evidently she gave us the Trichology B test when we were actually supposed to take the Trichology A test because we haven’t taken the second part of Trichology yet! – HUH?  But I got a 100 on it!  Oh well – had to take another test – luckily it was only 10 questions – and guess what?  I got a 100 on that test too!  HAHAH so there.

NOW we can go get down on the shampoo bowl & cut her hair 🙂

The other girls did a pedicure and some waxing and I cut and styled my classmate’s hair. : here are some photos – their faces have been blurred to protect their fabulousness.



and here’s another fun one…lol.  this student wanted a pedicure – but the student who was going to perform it told her to wash her feet first… so she was washing them in the shampoo bowl! – don’t worry – we sanitized it THOROUGHLY after she was done…hahah

Wash Your Feet!

Over all it was a good Saturday!  Almost everyone passed all of their tests and I think everyone passed their practicals.  We’re still waiting on information for Student Counsel, but hey, we’re only there part time so maybe we don’t get to have one… i don’t know.   I have another post coming right behind this one about a contest that’s being run through Regency, so STAY TUNED!!

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Oh, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you want to know or what you’re thinking about this experience  too!!

Take a Look Around (Shreveport Campus Tour)

Ok, so I know I told you all I was going to review the kit on Sunday – but I had forgotten completely that I was hosting a cookie exchange that day!  However, I did remember to take lots of pictures of our campus on Saturday, So i’m going to give you a virtual tour instead:)  AND, you’ll kind of get to see the kit briefly!  All is not lost.

Saturday was a LONG day – we were there from 8:30 to 5, we got to meet the “day walkers” (j/k they were the full-time students who are currently on Saturday rotation – and they are AWESOME and FRIENDLY and HELPFUL – )

I did my first “layered” cut on Ms. Kim – whoo hooo!  She’s so pretty.  If there is anything I’m taking away from this class it is to TAKE MY TIME and don’t rush through it.  I see some of the other students who want to get done just for the sake of being done, but I take my sweet time because I want to make sure I’m cutting properly – trust me, i’m pretty sure my clients will rather it be done correctly over quickly, not saying i’m taking two hours to cut long layers or anything…lol

SO!  On to the tour o f my Regency Beauty Institute Shreveport Campus – oh, and all of these are taken with my iPhone, so pardon the quality 🙂

Entryway –  this is the first thing you see when you walk in to Regency Beauty Institute, be it to make an appointment, or come in to sign up for classes, or on your way down the hall to go to class.  This is where the POS (Point-of-Sale) computers are and where all appointment, follow-up appointments, and retail sales are made.

To the right of the entryway is our product display.  As you can see, we are a Redken retailer (YES!  LOVE THEM) and an O-P-I Nail Product retailer – You get a free bottle of polish with a mani or pedi – which is pretty awesome too!

If you were to take an immediate right past the Retail section, you’d be walking in to the Salon area.   We have 5 or 6 rows of salon chairs / mirrors/ stations – whatever you wish to call them – for us to provide hair services.

To your left you’d see our dispensary – this is where all the chemicals and towels are kept.

At the beginning of your hair service, you will likely be taken to our shampoo area.  Here you will see our Shampoo Bowls/Chairs and our Dryers – so neat and pretty!

And of course – our Shampoo/Conditioner Bar where we stylist students select our shampoo & conditioner.

We also have a facial room, but there was a client in there so I couldn’t snap photos there because I didn’t want to disturb them – but its pretty awesome.

Our mani/pedi area was also occupied – but there are three or four mani/pedi chairs in that area that are uber comfy.

Now, if you were coming to the back of the building for class, right past the reception area you would pass my favorite spot – the Coffee area!  It is on the right.  You’ll notice that we make/serve Community Coffee – which is produced right here in Louisiana, and happens to be one of my favorites!

Directly at the end of the first hall is the Kit Display – (see, I told you you’d kind of get to see the kit).  Except for the bottom row – those are prizes reserved for Student Master Designers (part of the STAR Program).

To the right and left are classrooms (which I didn’t take photos of) and down the other hall are our lockers.  So Shiny!  And roomy!!!

At the end of the hall on the left is our break room 🙂  YAY Snack Machines!

this concludes our tour of the Shreveport Campus.  I’ll try and remember to update this post with photos of the mani/pedi stations & the facial/waxing room – I’ll take those photos tonight 🙂

Isn’t it Pretty?!?

So It Is Written, So It Shall Be…

Me 12/07/09

Ready for Class!

Last night was our first night of class at Regency Beauty Institute.  I was so super excited!  I arrived at 5:00 on the dot (so glad my hubby & I could work our schedule out that way) to begin class at 5:15.  I met three other girls who were starting with me – One of them is 18, no kids & works at a fast food chain during the day – Another girl is 21, has an 11-week old baby and stays home with the baby while her family works during the day.  The third girl is early 20’s, has a 5 month old, transfered from another beauty school because the class sizes were too large, and works as an assistant to a tattoo school owner (i think she & I will get along great since I have 11 tattoos!).  I’m the oldest in the class, followed only by the instructor.

My first contact of the night was with Ms. Vera who is the assistant campus manager and now acting campus manager as the previous CM was no longer with the company.  Ms. Vera is a very joyful woman who seems to take great pride in her job.  I met with her and paid my very first tuition payment – WHEW – so glad that part is over! lol.

When it was time for class to begin, we were lead to one of the classrooms where we were introduced to Trena, who will be out Workshop instructor for the next 4 months.  Trena was a very interesting character.  She told us that she would begin class at 5:30, so we had a few minutes to relax and chit chat before we began.  Poor Ms. Trena was a little sidetracked as the person who had previously used the classroom still had materials all over the place and she couldn’t find half of the papers that she needed to get started – but it was ok, we joked with her and overall she seems to be a very happy person.

Everyone seemed fairly happy to be there – some were a bit nervous and one seemed like it didn’t really matter to her – BUT,  I know it mattered to ME and I refuse to let other people get in my way.  One thing I love is that Regency Beauty Institute has a ZERO TOLERANCE for negativity on campus (and probably off campus too…lol).

Ok, back to the class – of course, it was just like an orientation – full of Rules and Regulations – not much more.  They basically read to us straight out of the student handbook – We learned about what is expected of us attendance wise & that we get two late passes a month – which we were told we should A) use wisely and B) don’t let go to waste by not using them.  This bugged me because I don’t plan on being late – I’m paying good money to be educated, I don’t want my hours getting messed up because I was late, purposefully or not, but I guess I understood what she was saying, I just don’t think it should be promoted or encouraged.  We learned about Regency’s Mission and Culture too.

We were also informed that our instructors are there to “teach you the techniques and requirements that you need to meet in order to pass the State Board exams”.  We were told that we weren’t there to learn “all that fancy stuff” and that we would be taught everything we needed to know in order to pass our exams.  This bugs me too, because, though I know she didn’t mean to, she came off as I’m-going-to-teach-you-the-bare-minimum-in-order-to-get-your-license.  Now, I’m sure we’re going to learn tons of really great stuff.  I’m sure it was just a rough night for her because it was a long day for her since she had been there since noon and she was used to being there at 5:15…but, I think maybe she just worded it wrong.  She says she teaches her classes the way she wished classes were taught when she was in beauty school.

There were also two other students there who started a few months ago.  Since Trena was the only instructor there – they had to sit in with our new student orientation.  At first they were reading the text book, as Mr. Trena told us there was some bad news coming – she didn’t think we were going to be able to get our nail kits or our textbooks that night because they were out of them – BUT, Ms. Vera was there to save the day because she had called Regency Headquarters on Saturday and they had overnighted our materials!  YAY – we were getting everything after all!

We talked about dress code –  which I previously covered – but it was also added that we were allowed to wear grey pants.  WHOO HOO.  oh, and no hats, lol – that part I missed previously somehow, since I showed up in my super cute hat! but they told me it was fine as long as I put it in my locker during class hours.

The two “older” students, who are younger than me but older to the school, decided that they wanted to go do a pedicure on each other while we were in orientation – so they were given permission to do so.

We continued on and talked about the STAR Program.  This is when I got excited again.  One of the perks of becoming a Master Student Designer is that you get to go on a paid-by-the-company trip to Chicago for a Hair Show – however, what stinks is that you have to qualify as a Master Designer by the end of January, and I won’t be able to qualify since I won’t be on the floor by then – SUPER UBER SAD!.  BUT, there are more perks to becoming a Master Student Designer like getting FREE STUFF!  Makeup kits, t-shirts, shears, all kinds of goodies are available…  I’ll go into more depth about the Star Program in another post as I work towards it, but you should know, that it DOES require that you be out of the workshops and actually on the floor doing salon work (aka guest services) as part of what they track.  They also track your attendance and your grades, your Guest Rewards participants, your Guest Feedback…etc.

We watched a dvd on Financial Aide – whooo hooo.  lol.  nothing I didn’t know already, but it was required.

We finished paperwork that other people hadn’t done yet – haha, I was the ONLY ONE who had EVERYTHING completed – eager much?

We were then shown how to clock in / out at 8:15, which I didn’t understand why we had to wait until exactly 8:15 but whatever – Then – dun dun dun!!!  We got to break open our kits.  YAY – we had to go through the checklist and hold up each and every single item.  And trust me, there are a LOT of items – I’ll review the kit soon too…probably tonight – but I want to wait until I have EVERYTHING.

BUT, before we could check our nail kits – we were told it was time to go.  We taped our nail kit checklist to the tops of the unopened boxes with our names on them, then took them and locked them in the dispensary.  Trena was ready to GO!  we were all trying to hurry and get our stuff together and get our kits out to our cars so we could come back in and clock out at exactly 9:15 per her instructions.  I really hope its not going to be like that every night.  I mean, I work a full-time job during the day so I want to go home just as bad as the next person, but I’m not a rush rush kind of gal.  She kept telling us that she had been there working since noon and I kinda wanted to pipe up and tell her that I had been working since 7 am and hadn’t had anything to eat yet, so she wasn’t the only one ready to go.

OH YEAH – no food or drinks in the classroom – only in the break room – which we get to use for 15 minutes once a night – whoo hooo vending machine dinner 🙂 lol.  What stinks is that I’m addicted to coffee and we can’t bring anything in the room except clear bottles with no-spill lids that can only contain WATER…. which is better than nothing, but i know i’m going to be dragging butt without coffee if I’m having to pay attention after 7pm after being at work all day… thank heavens for the coffee in the guest services area (which I will make and clean up after since I’m the only one who drinks it at night evidently)

Oh, I’m also the only student that smokes & Ms. Vera is determined (already) to make me quit…lol – mostly because she had to let me back in the building during our break we had earlier in the night after I took a quick smoke.  I like Ms. Vera a lot!  I made sure I went well past the school entrance so that I wasn’t looking like a bum standing in front of their doors smoking – i went to the side of the shopping center and smoked and then came back, washed and sanitized my hands, downed some coffee and went back to class.

we were told that there was some kind of rivalry between night and day students and not to be offended if the day students didn’t talk to us because they were really just jealous that we had the best class – a little competition isn’t a bad thing, but a rivalry isn’t really a good thing either – I was sure it was an exaggeration until the “older” students told us that it was not only true, but that sometimes the day students wouldn’t even talk to them.  WOW.  I will break that tradition, I promise – it’s in my nature to be friends with everyone, so I don’t foresee

I asked whether or not we’d have a Student Council now since there are 6 of us in the evening part-time class.   They don’t think so since the school hasn’t been open 6 months yet, but we’ll see I guess.  I’d really like to be a part of that.

First impression of the instructor wasn’t the best, but I’m sure we’ll do better tonight now that all of the formalities are out of the way and we will begin going through the text book and having lesson plans in place.

Ms. Trena promises to help us immensely along the way if there is something that we just aren’t grasping.  We were told that she won’t leave anyone behind and that if anyone in the class isn’t getting something, we’ll go over it again and again until everyone understands it.  That’s a good thing too, but I don’t like too much coddling.

We’ll see – it was one night – so I’m seriously hoping that it can only get better.