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My name is Bre Garcia. I am a makeup junkie. For as long as I can remember I have collected (more like hoarded) makeup. i love being able to transform me and my friends with a few simple but effective placed swatches of color. I love love LOVE it…I’ve been a Drugstore DIVA and I’ve climbed to the top of Mount SEPHORA and I will soar past the counters of M*A*C with ease…lol

so, towards my goal of becoming a professional make up artist (or MUA), I have enrolled in Regency Beauty Institute.

“But, doesn’t cosmetology school equal doing hair?” – this is what you may ask me – and my reply will be :
YEAH! but that’s ok because it also focuses on aesthetics (skin care) and nails, and of course – MAKE UP!! granted, cosmetology schools MOSTLY hair, and yeah, it does worry me a bit because, after all, I can’t even french braid my own hair, much less do finger waves – BUT I am a fast learner and a dedicated student, so i’m pretty sure that i can figure it out. Besides, as a photographer, I’ve learned that a good frame (your hair) can beautifully accentuate a wonderful work of art (your makeup) – so i’m pretty sure its a good thing.

this will be the blog that follows my road from beginning to end – the entire 14 months – (i’m going part-time in the evening since i work full time, have a family, and a photography business) until i graduate.

I can’t guarantee that there will be a post every day – but i can guarantee i will write as much as i can – and add photos of my progress – so that you can get a real glimpse inside of this program.

And on the days that i’m NOT posting blogs, there are a number of ways to keep up with me – just follow the links on the right side to my Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr pages to see what i’m up to…OR even better – check out more info on the school or my favorite makeup sites for tips and tricks of the trade!

7 responses to “About the Author

  1. Bre, I could not be prouder of you, and am just thrilled to see you achieve sucess with your very individual goals! The plans you have for your future, in combining your love of photography with all of the skills you will now be acquiring as you learn the cosmetology business are so unique and original, and just thrilling! Regency Beauty Institute is very happy to welcome you, and I personally am happy to have beena part of your getting started! Good luck!

  2. I really like this!!! I start Regency Jan. 4th and I have seen nothing but negative comments about it on facebook and those that like it they just say”I love it” but I am glad you are going in depth with your blogs and I look foward to seeing many more…it makes me want to do one as well. I will be going full time!! Good luck to you!!

    • I’m glad you like it – that is the EXACT reason I started it – everything was either LOVE or HATE – ugh – i can’t make a decision that way…lol. I need to know WHY they loved or hated it – so, i dug deeper and decided it suits me. I will definitely keep this updated – there are good and bad things happening everywhere, but i try to be fair and balanced.

      Thanks for checking out my blog! Let me know if you start one and I’ll check it out too 🙂 Good luck with school!! Just a few more weeks left til you start!!!

  3. Shereese Perry

    Hi Bree, I like your blog. I’m enrolled to start in Shreveport in September. I too have seen negative things about regency, but I guess some people just point out the negative. At first i only wanted to do nails, so this is a risk to pay so much money for the extra. Now thinking about it, it has open my eyes to endless possiblities in cosmetology, but i still want my primary focus to be nails… So how was the skin & nail portion of Regency. Would love a response and thanks in advance.

    • The nails & skin portion was a lot of fun, but i don’t think you should limit yourself to that! You will only spend a month or so on skin AND nails, but the rest of the time is about hair. Regency is awesome and I can’t wait to meet you!

  4. Hi Bre,

    Wow, I must say you are inspiring me! I am 28yrs old and start RBI on Monday Nov 8th part time classes, as I am a mother of 2 young kiddos and am pretty busy. I am really connecting to your blog because 1) I am not str8 out of highschool, I was really insecure of that fact, feelin as though the younger students would maybe cast me out for being older.. 2) I LOVE MAKEUP! and started Regency the exact thoughts as you mentioned! 3) I love Photography as well and would love to work on a set sometime! 4) Being a mother, we are extra cautious as to where our $$$ is going..I am anxious to read through your blog because I have read awful reviews about Regency but feel those are the sour apples bitter about not doing good, consumed with drama. I would like to keep it contact with you to see where your future leads to..Best of Luck!

    • YAY! You’re going to absolutely LOVE it! Regency is the BEST thing I’ve ever chosen for myself! I have found that the younger students will actually look up to you and respect you a little bit more since you’re older. AND, believe it or not, they are more willing to help you! I’m always willing to answer questions about Regency so feel free to drop me a line any time!

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