Twice the Power of Regular Detergent

its official!!  i made master designer again!  WHOOO HOOO – watch out Austin, here i come!!

That’s right – I qualified as a MASTER for the SECOND time!

and even though i dont get any prizes, i totally get to go to Austin, all expenses paid!!  Regency will be paying for my airfare, my hotel**, my entrance into the Armstgrong McCalls World’s Fair Hair Show, and they will cut me a check for my food!  how fun is that?  (**I have to share a room though, with a perfect stranger, boo hiss – or i could cough up the difference to get my own room, and that’s just not feasible right now)

I managed to wrap up Master by doing $501 in services and $99 in retail.  whew!!!!!  this was also the month the my husband and I are trying to move in with my mom to help her out while my dad goes through Chemo & radiation (he has the big C)  so to say it was stressful is putting it lightly.

I’m STILL the only one to have ever made Master at this campus – much less  it amazes me.

I get so frustrated because so many students miss so much time and then want to complain about not getting a good enough education.  They gripe about the money they are spending on tuition, but then don’t show up, or worse, show up and refuse to do the services or practicals they are told to do!  that’s just stupid!!  if you’re going to drop $18,000 on an education, don’t you think its in your best interest to show up and participate?  KNOWING that if you don’t you’ll have to pay more later?  geez, don’t act surprised!

i think my happiness is starting to get on their nerves haha.  i can’t help it that i absolutely love what i’m doing.  i’m not saying its perfect, but I am saying that I’m willing to make a short term sacrifice for a long term goal, and if that means that i get to win prizes because i’m the best, you’re darn right i’m going to brag about it!

On the downside, we did lose another instructor.  Ms. Isabelle had to move to Monroe, and it sucks!  we’ve been through 5 teachers since i started, and I think that’s a bit excessive.  Oh, we also lost our campus manager, Ms. Vera, but that was probably for the best.  We need staff and instructors who are there for the students and not just a paycheck, so i’m ok with everything that is going on.  Plus, it gives us a chance to learn from another instructor which means NEW techniques!

ok, that’s it for now – just wanted to give you all an update!

2 responses to “Twice the Power of Regular Detergent

  1. Stephanie White

    wanted to post to say that I totally agree with this blog entry! I am having a blast meeting my goals. I waited sooo long to get to beauty school (I was overseas for 6 consecutive years). This is my first year back and I immediately got into school so I could get my liscence. Though the transition has been hard and the culture schock I have experienced has been a challenge, the bottom line still remains. I am doing what I love!! In a short amount of time we will have our liscences and grow into super badass stylists and that is the most exciting part of this journey!! I’m so glad there is another at this school with drive like me, too bad we are not in the same class! Keep up the good work Bre!! You know I will be 🙂

  2. YAY! And congrats to you for becoming a MASTER!

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