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Back in the Saddle Again ;)

I know i know i know – i really suck as a consistent blogger. lol.  To make up for it, here is a picture of my first attempt at a mohawk (faux-hawk really)

My 1st Mohawk(fauxhawk)

I promised Newsletter drama at the end of my last post so here’s what’s been going on.

The Student Council for our campus is supposed to provide a quarterly newsletter.  That’s every three months folks.  Our campus manager, when I created the first one, loved it SO MUCH, that she wanted us to do it monthly.  Which was fine when I actually had people contributing…which was only for April…lol.  I put May’s together BY MYSELF because no one contributed and we lost half of our Student Council because they either graduated or dropped below 80% attendance.  Well, needless to say, i did NOT do one for June and probably won’t make a July one either…

We had a few more students join Student Council recently and of them, there seems to be one or two that are willing to work on the newsletter.  so MAYBE, just maybe, I’ll be able to get one turned out for July.  blah.

I’ve been so super duper BUSY at school.  I’m keeping my books full!

I am Your Master!

I am Your Master!

AND I’m proud to say, that I should have MASTER wrapped up by Tuesday at the end of class 🙂   YAYAYAYAYAYAAAAY me!

That means that I will qualify for the Trip from Regency to the World’s Hair Show in Austin, Texas this September!  WHOO HOOO!  That’s SOOO exciting!  the only thing that sucks is that no one else from my school has qualified and i’ll have to go by myself – so i need some of you other Regency Masters out there to look for me so i won’t be all lonesome…lol.

Yes, there will be a TON of pictures, and if you’re super nice, i’ll even do some video! heck yeah!!

also, I’m officially a blonde.  Like, SUPER blonde.  its wild how blonde i am and even though its been a few weeks, i’m still not used to it.

Super Blonde Bre

Super Blonde Bre

and yes, i can still rock the mohawk, though that’s usually reserved for special occasions 🙂

Blonde Faux Hawk

BLonde Faux Hawk for the Cowboy Mouth Concert

next post – pictures of my super awesome business project that was an absolute nightmare to create lol.