It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin…

yes, the title is from Silence of the Lambs, but that’s the quote that popped into my mind when i started to write this so, there you have it.

Well – I passed my Chemical Texturizing test with a 100 – YAY me 🙂  also made a 10/10 on my practical – YAY ME Again! All of this was to the chagrin of my instructor.  I think it irritates him how quickly i test.  Oh well.  In my mind, either you know it or you don’t.  staring at the paper won’t change the answers.  Luckily, I know it, so I’m able to test quickly.  He actually told us that 90% of people who rush to finish first actually fail their exams.  HAHA guess I’m in that 10 percent that actually knows what I’m doing and is able to answer quickly & correctly.  It took me less than 3 minutes to complete the 30 question, multiple choice test.

Coming up – SKIN & NAILS (hence the lotion thing).

Next week we’re going to be starting on our Skin & Nails chapters.  I’m not sure which one is first, but either way I’m SO happy to be getting away from the chemicals.

We’re going to be learning about facials and pedicures and waxing and manicures… whoooo hoooo!

Also, I know i said it was going to be 5 or 6 weeks before I was on the floor, but i think its actually less than that!?!  wow, time is just flying by!

I’m a little upset because they aren’t letting the part-time students take clients on Saturdays right now.  They are having the students that are on the floor take Theory classes instead.  The day time students aren’t coming on Saturdays right now either.  Supposedly its only temporary, but all of the instructors are saying they aren’t sure now…  It was supposed to be a 6 weeks thing, but even though there are only 2 more weeks of that six weeks, they keep saying its going to last another 6 weeks.  It kind of sucks for us, because since we’re about to go out on the floor – it means that we can only take client M-Thurs from 5:30-9…which means our first real client would be at 6pm and the last client we can take is at 8 b/c we have to be done by 9…which as a new student is tough.  Not to mention it is limiting the amount of sales/services we can do towards our STAR Rewards…. but I’m sure its all going to come out in the wash so to speak.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I don’t know many people willing to come out at 8pm to get their hair done during the week…  That’s only really giving us 2 1/2-3 hours a night to work on clients, minus whatever time we have to spend in the classroom too…that’s less than 10 hours a week to actually work on clients.

Yesterday, I personally had to turn away 5 services because there were no students there that could perform them…not to mention the countless people that called.  Last Saturday they turned away about 30 from what I understand… argh…

On the brighter side of things – they have hired another instructor, so we’re really excited that they are really striving to get a full staff.

the kinks and quirks are working out… slowly…  I’ll be happy when they get a performance floor manager and we can get on with starting out Student Council!  I keep reading all these great things other campuses are doing that we can’t participate in yet….  but, i was told they are trying to have someone by the beginning of March and that we were to give them a month to settle in and then we could start our student council… YAY.. so hopefully by April we’ll be able to do it.

11 responses to “It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin…

  1. hi, i start school in july 2010 at a new campus that opening, i have been searching more thing about regency and your blog came up , i have a few questions since you are a current student, have you all dealt the hair weave? and if so to what extent? meaning like do they teach you sew ins, glue in, and when they do is hair provided? im starting partime and i really want to get into hair weaving once i learn the basics for the board

    • Once you get into Rehearsal, you learn about extensions during that chapter. There is a whole chapter dedicated to extensions and wig making which you cover over about 4 weeks. You learn how to do quick-weave (glue in) and how to do the sew-in extensions. You even get to practice making a wig! Most of the hair is provided for you for teaching purposes, but its the cheaper yakki hair and not the nice hair. You can bring your own hair and they will show you how to use it.

      I learned a lot during that class and I really enjoyed it. I’m actually going to be utilizing quick weave for my model for the hairstyle I’m doing for Salon Faire next week!

  2. thank you, i enrolled and also was impressed i know that some schools focus more on certain hair types and what going on in the world, but i wanted to be more diverse especally in weaves and other things thank for answering and i look forward to more of blog entries. keep up the good work you have inspired me to start my own blog once i start

    • Be sure to let me know when you get it started so I can keep up with your adventures! lol. Its a ton of fun, but just like any new campus, be prepared for trial and error!

  3. What were the nights like, i am doing part time also 5:15pm to 9:15 pm starting july 19th, im so excited . right now im still trying to see if i qualify for financial aid to pay for my classes and see if i will get aliving expense check or not, it sounds like its great i have read some bad reviews on the school , i believe every person is diffrent, as well as the campus, do they give you styling products to style the har or will you have to bring your own or allow you to buy them with the kit, i.e gel, hair spray, ect

    • nights are great! That’s what I’m in 😉

      Products are provided for you but are not in your kit. Elizabeth was my financial aide goddess and she worked everything out for me! Good luck!

      • i would think it would be hard once you get on the floor(is that only on saturdays) at night? the kit is awsome lso i seen the display on the tour but the cm told me a few thing has changed in the kit, all the tools are red now, but i have had my own kit that i put together myself and purchased since i do have clientel right now. i want to increase so i guess a top of the line kit wont hurt, how are you doing with the marcel irons?

  4. i HATE Marcel irons! lol. We take clients Monday through Thursday from 5:15 and our last client is at 8:30. No clients on Saturdays right now – that’s when we do our theory hours.

  5. You mentioned something about sales..Do they make you sale items??? Is is pushed upon the student to achieve a certain amnt???

    • It’s the retail portion once you get out on the floor. Regency sells Redken styling products / shampoos/ etc. and a very small portion of your STAR depends on your retail amount. Most people will buy the shampoos and conditioners after you use them because they are awesome so its not too hard to suggest the retail.

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