Adding to the Fun

So we got FIVE new students on Monday.  WOW!  Our class basically doubled in one night…lol.

We got to help them check in their kits, and so far everyone seems pretty darn awesome, which is SUCH A RELIEF!

our two “older” students tested out into Rehearsal / Performance on Saturday, and after helping them cram study for several hours, I am pleased to announce that they ACED their tests – one with a 96 & the other with a 94.  GO THEM!

We finished up Trichology B yesterday – the new students hung in there and were not having any problems keeping up from what I can tell – which is good because Ms. Renee likes to go fast (which I like) and she gives lots of notes (which I LOVE).  We also started classic hairstyling…roller sets, fingerwaves, skip waves, pin curls, etc.

oh AND when i got home last night, i found my package – you know, THE PACKAGE  – the one that had my Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette in it! ZOMG! I was so excited but i was too tired to play with it lol.  SO, i spent the rest of my evening splitting up my kit  into those clear plastic storage boxes you get at dollar tree.  Since we’re doing classic styling, i have to be able to bring my rollers & rods to class…and since they were all in their packages still, i knew if i opened them they would get everywhere!  so, i threw them all in boxes!  Nice & Neat!

We learned how to do on-base, half-off-base, and off-base rollers last night – which means we DRENCHED our mannekin heads in tons of pink gel (which is WAYYY better than mucilage – i promise!).  Tonight we are doing a full roller set – Yippee!  More GEL! haha.

But, other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to update on.  I will be starting a new series _soon_ wherein I will be interviewing some of our instructors, daytime students, and nighttime students… i’m excited about that!  Also, I will have another post up tonight / tomorrow about the new contest Regency is running for its students (which is super duper awesome).

and without further adieu – here are the photos of my new palette! :

Out of the Box

Groovy Insert

Opening the Top

16 Shades of Wonderland

All Together Now

and here is me & j from last Saturday :

Me & J - gettin my hair did

4 responses to “Adding to the Fun

  1. Hey! This is Chris, from Facebook. I deleted my facebook and myspace so do you think you could contact me via email ( or text (318-278-3458)? I have more questions! haha!

    First off is I wanted to suggest that you suggest to someone at your school to submit it to be on the eligible list on the MAC Pro Student website. A lot of the Regency schools in other states are on it so I’m sure this one is qualified. Because if it is then the students can become members and get discounts and stuff! A 40percent discount on the STUDENT MAKEUP KIT! How awesome would that be? I also wanted to ask if you knew anything about the makeup learning at the school, do they teach it at all? Do you have to provide the makeup or do they? If you have to provide it It would be great to get that makeup kit then. At a discount hopefully.. This is the website

    Also do you know of any of the other benefits of going to school? I know sally card, mac pro student hopefully soon.. is there anything else?

    I really, really want to learn makeup. I can tell you do too by reading your blog. So hopefully we can learn as much about it as possible.

    When I went on the tour of the school I also looked at apartments, found the perfect one (REALLY close to the school/walmart) So I am just saving every penny (literally) and will hopefully be making the move very soon. Im ready for your next blog update! When you graduate what kind of job do you want to get first? I wonder if it’s hard to find the first one

    • You can still apply for the MAC Pro Card when you get your student ID, whether the actual campus is listed or not – but I did bring it up to Vera and it is being addressed. Makeup is wrapped up with Skin Care, which makes since because you want to have a good face to start your foundation. I chose cosmetology instead of just make up so that I would have more options down the road. However, for those that JUST want to learn makeup, you may want to look in to a specialty school – none of which are available in Shreveport. Dick Smith’s special effects course (link on the right) is amazing and you may want to check out Joe Blasco too. Of course, if you go work for MAC, Sephora, or pretty much any department store cosmetics counter, you’ll get trained too – and that’s always another tool to put in your bag!

      Regency doesn’t spend a whole lot of time training on makeup, but they do touch on it and it IS part of state board. I think we only spend a week on it in Workshop and then go into more detail in Rehearsal / Performance floor.

      Sorry i haven’t e-mailed you yet – i’ve been SWAMPED at work!

  2. I hope you can continue wit this blog..I would really like to see some more pictures of the campus. The campus I am going to go to is the new one in Round Rock. It does not open until June 21st so I have no idea what it will look like.

    • Most of the campuses look the same, its part of the uniform Regency way – you should look at some of my earlier blogs (especially the Campus Tour one) to get an idea of what your campus will look like. Its sleek, modern, and definitely feels like a Salon when you walk in. You’ll love it! Its really fun to be part of a new school too, cause you get to see it grow from the ground up!

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