Tis the Season to be Jolly…

I know its been a week since i posted, but with the holidays and everything, you’ll just have to forgive me!

Last week completed our third week of school at Regency Beauty Institute – but it flew by because we were only there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday we were off for Christmas Eve, Friday there is never any class for us evening goers, and Saturday was another day off for the holidays…

We focused on razoring and the square form.  We also got to do some more thermal styling and actually perform the Square Form Cut on our Kimmie head…her hair is SO short now!  We learned the clippers over comb technique, the shears over comb technique, more about weight lines and blending…then, to round off our week – we got to perform the State Board haircut (uniform layered form) using only a RAZOR – OH EM GEE – if we aren’t comfortable with our razors now, i wonder if we ever will be…lol.

Back - super short!

Sides - wow!

Front - poor Kimmie!

This week we have more thermal styling and we get to review trichology and the cutting techniques we’ve learned because on Saturday we get to TEST OUT of this workshop!  whoo hooo!!!    Once we test out of this workshop, we’ll move on to the next section – Hair Coloring – oh yes, i am so looking forward to that – i WILL have a pink or purple strip somewhere on my head, i can feel it…lol.

now, i’ve already got my Procedure Cards ready to go – and since i’m off all week from work, i’m finishing up my Beauty Book today and tomorrow.  I also made sure i had all of my worksheets together.  My friend Ali has volunteered to be my Practical Test Model for the haircutting portion of my test on Saturday – i hate that we have to perform the solid form cut, not because its hard, just because it makes everything ONE LENGTH and Ali looks better in layers…but i’ll fix it that evening after school…lol.

OH!  And we got our super awesome Student ID’s so now i can go shop at Armstrong McCall’s and get the student discount at Sally’s, M*A*C, Sephora, etc etc… FINALLY!  I feel bad because the “older” students STILL don’t have their student id cards  – but the office is supposed to be working on that.

This is a short week too – we only have class tonight (Monday), tomorrow and Wednesday – then Thursday we’re out for New Year’s Eve and there’s no class on Friday and then Saturday we go in to test out…whew…

I’m waiting on the photos to upload so i can post Kimmie and Kimmie II’s haircuts for you, so if there aren’t any photos – check back in a little while and they should be up 🙂 (Editor’s Note :They are up now!)

Thanks for reading!!!

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