You’ve Got to Admit It’s Getting Better

WOW – what an absolutely amazing week!

This week has just flown by and of course with the holidays right around the corner I can only assume that next week will as well!

My instructor has been trying to figure out how we can have a Student Council for the evening classes since we have one for daytime or if its all the same – so far, we still don’t know – but i REALLY want to be a part of Regency Beauty Institut Student Council!

This week we learned about the Uniformly Layered Form and the Graduated Form, we learned about cross checking our work (always check the opposite way of the part) and the big one – SECTIONING…lol.

We were shown how to section in 4, 5, 6, & 8 sections… personally, I like the 8 section way the best.  Sectioning is what allows you to work on smaller areas of the head – and within each section, you create subsections which allows you to have CONTROL over the hair.  Never let the hair control you. 😉

Other things we covered this week included finger/shear positions (parallel and non-parallel) and partings – horizontal, vertical, diagonal forward, and diagonal back – PLEASE dont ever confuse partings with sectioning…lol, the instructors don’t like that.

The biggest and probably most important thing we learned, and I say most important because it seems everyone is having a hard time with it for some reason, is DISTRIBUTION.  Distribution is the way the hair is positioned according to the part.  There is Natural (or ZERO) distribution which means the way the hair falls naturally from its part – usually straight down.  There is Perpendicular – which means you are holding the hair at a 90 degree angle from the part – STRAIGHT OUT from the part – but remember the head is ROUND.   Perpendicular is THE MOST IMPORTANT one because it is what is used for our State Board Haircut – which I must say, is a pretty easy haircut.  Shifted distribution is when the hair is combed/brushed any way BUT 90 degrees and is usually used to blend the areas between layers.  Last, but not least is Directional distribution, which is when the hair is combed straight out FROM THE HEAD (not from the part which is perpendicular) in either vertical or horizontal directions.

We also got to begin moving into Thermal Styling – kind of – and used the Marcel Irons – for those of you who don’t know what Marcel irons are – think about your curling iron – now, remove the awesome spring that shuts the clamp around the barrel and replace it with a non-spring loaded clamp that you have to use your hands to keep closed.  Now, also remove the awesome electrical cord that gives you a steady heat – and all plastic bits and pieces that tell you when the iron is ready to use – so now you have a metal rod with two pieces and a handle right?  Now, let me give you a miniature oven to stick it in in order to heat it…

UGH – let me just say that I’ll take my Clairol curling iron or my Chi Flat iron or my Revlon crimper over these Marcel Irons ANY TIME!   LOL, a lot of salons use Marcel Irons that are heated in the mini-stove, so I’m REALLY trying to learn it, but gosh dang it those things get HOT.

I burned my doll’s hair. not too bad, but still – burning hair is never a good thing. and it stinks.

Also, i was at a slight disadvantage because the “older” students have already taken hair styling and kind of knew how to decide on styling a head based on its hair form- we haven’t taken that yet, and since i’m not a girly girl, i know how to straighten it or flip it out – that’s it…lol.  my poor Kim – burned hair and all – she still looks good!

On a brighter note!  I cut my husband’s hair Friday night – and did a damn fine job I must say!  I like his hair a certain way, but when he goes to get it cut, they always cut off way too much – he likes it super short on the sides and then leaves some of his curls on top – well, Friday, he had a head FULL of puffy hair – and I told him I was ready to cut it…lol.  We used the clippers to cut the back and sides (3/8 guard) and then I used horizontal partings and perpendicular distribution to cut the top, cutting off about 1 1/2 inches – leaving enough for his curls to activate when he gels it.

it was AWESOME!  I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

THEN, my daughter wanted HER hair cut – and she has SUPER long hair for a 6 year old, which I LOVE, but I agreed she needed a TRIM – nothing more.  But to make her feel like we had really done something, I did a graduated layer in the front and now it just bevels towards the front and frames her face so nicely.

When my husband picked me up from school on Saturday, I made him get out so my instructor could look at his hair…lol.  I was told I did an excellent job for never having cut a man’s hair before – YAY!

I’m really “getting” the hair thing – its still not my passion – but I like it and I think I’ll eventually REALLY like it.  Our next section is Thermal Styling and we’re also going to be working on the Square Form and Combination Form haircuts.  We’ll also be getting in to braiding which is part of Thermal Styling for some reason – not quite sure why yet, but I’m sure they’ll explain it to us.

Next week we only have class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because Thursday is Christmas Eve, Friday is Christmas Day and Saturday is….the day after Christmas i guess is a holiday  We’ll be back the next week for Mon-Wed – then off that Thursday for New Years Eve.  Friday we don’t have class then on January 2 we come back to test out of the hair cutting workshop – WOW!

These next two weeks are going to be BUSY BUSY BUSY!! There is a lot of stuff to cover, and I hope they adjusted the teaching plan for the holidays, because when I just looked at our curriculum calendar, it doesn’t look like they realized we would be missing 5 whole class days (which is like a whole week of class time) before we test out of this section!

But, whatever – we’re smart and we’re fabulous – so we can totally handle this!

Let me know that you’re reading this – I love getting comments & seeing people subscribe & tell me why they’re excited about joining Regency’s team of awesome students!

6 responses to “You’ve Got to Admit It’s Getting Better

  1. wow !! you have me totally excited about starting school!! lol and totally terrified about that curling iron .. from what you described i am definately afraid lol …

    • lol – don’t freak about the irons – haha – they really aren’t that bad. it’s just different is all. AND you actually get an ELECTRIC Marcel Iron in your kit and i’ve been playing with it for the last day trying to get the hand motions down…. its the same as using the non-electric ones, ‘cept you don’t have to stick it in the oven. I can see the usefulness of both of them, but give me ELECTRICITY any day! lol.

      My instructor told me she’s going to help me with them, so maybe my story will change next week….lol.

  2. Wow! I caught on to your site browsing for info on Regency and its so exciting for me to get first hand info! I’ve just started looking into cosmetology schools and a Regency just opened in my area so I’m very interested. You seem to like it so far but it seems really overwhelming! Do you feel like they’re moving a little too fast or are you getting enough time to catch on to each concept? Sorry if I’m being a pain, but you seem to enjoy talking about it – which is good! Have fun!!

    • No its not overwhelming at all really – They really take their time and make sure you understand why and how you’re doing what you’re doing before moving on to the next thing.

      I’ve talked to students in my class who were previously at another school and even they say the instructors here at Regency are cut off a different cloth. They aren’t trying to rush you through it.

      Our schedule is a little crazy right now, but it’s only because of the holidays and the breaks we’re taking off. Even still – I know our instructor has a plan to get us through it all.

      I highly recommend Regency because it suits me, i love the hours, the instructors are great, and its not like a cattle farm where they are trying to get as many students in as they can just to turn them out to the boards for testing…- and I hope after all of your research you find the school that fits you best! Thanks for reading and don’t worry!!

  3. Still reading!!! Its great to know what i’ll be expecting!!

    • Thanks Abi! I’m having a ton of fun for sure! Its really great and everyone is super helpful when we have questions 🙂 Can’t wait for you to start and tell me how much you love it!

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